About Us

The company [310] was created by Alexei Gorshkov in 1995 and later began to develop actively in the artistic direction thanks to the creative director Juliette who joined the creative process. The passionate desire of this couple to transform the world around them, together with a huge love for art and design, marked the beginning of the first serious projects using art objects of well-known authors.

The long-term cooperation of the company with the best masters of architecture, decoration and painting helped to accumulate a unique experience, thanks to which the company has established itself not only as a supplier of exclusive furniture and artworks, but also as a creator of interiors of a high level of aesthetics.

Love for studying historical architectural forms and lines, painstaking selection and collecting antiques from around the world, and a private collection of artworks laid the foundation for the creation of the gallery in 2015.

This is the only gallery in its kind where the client is immersed in a world of luxury, art, high bourgeois athletics, art deco, renaissance, art nouveau, and seventies design. Being here, customers literally can walk among the exhibits of the collection, playing with different styles and worlds of arts and traditions.

The objects of art presented in the collection harmoniously blend with different styles, allowing to create outstanding interiors.