Contemporary artists Angela Bijosyan and Lyubov Fomicheva are working under the artistic pseudonym FomA. It is rather difficult to describe their creativity in one word, to give it a unified definition. In the works of FomA devoted to the native Moscow, there are combined elements of dreamy urbanism together with a clear understanding of the rules of life in the space, fantastic designs and compositions.

One can admire the recognizable City skyscrapers and other legendary skyscrapers of the capital of Russia, with their dominant pomposity in the environment. The secret world of the artists, where colors and lights form the objects in a picturesque manner and the buildings seem to dissolve in the sky the waters of the rivers and the architecture itself all these parts suddenly take the form of an alien ship, as if ascending into the sky in its own light. And the idea of space and immensity comes in an all-embracing timelessness and eternity of the beauty of the world.


2017 Four Season Hotel
2017 World Class Moscow City
2016 Urbangroop Architectural Bureau 2015 Art Space Robin Benilux