Rene Galassi

René Galassi began painting late. However, he always needed to express his emotions related to the strangeness of his relationship to the world.
He will never attend an art school, although he always feels drawn to art.
However, during his high school years, he began to draw in ink or ballpoint pen motifs on a white background that appear today as a tear in the fabric of accepted meanings.

Instinctively hostile to any pre-programmed thought, he will never be part of any movement, aware of the obvious antagonism between his uninspired accounting training and his vital need to escape the uneasiness of everyday food.

inherited from ancestors, who were cabinetmakers, the satisfaction of manual work well done and the beauty that emerges, it gradually appears ß

Henri Baviera introduced him and made him work alongside him as a soft press. In 1999 René took engraving lessons, digested the influences of the artists he attended and he prints the works and begins to create his under the benevolent eye of Henri Baviera.

In 2001 René opened his own workshop. From now on he creates and draws his own engravings. His subjects are abstract but everyone will find figurative. His engravings inspire imaginary worlds, ancient world maps. He gives his engravings names derived from agronomic terms.
He continues his path and goes to the creation of Toiles where clay, clay, gold leaves, ochres are mixed. The work of canvas and engraving become for him complementary techniques.

René Galassi lives and works in Nice.